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State law governs many family, probate, and estate planning concerns. Those laws set parameters for many of the important decisions that must be made when involved in divorce or custody, or when looking for probate or estate planning solutions. Yet navigating those issues is largely left up to you.

Don't make the mistake of going through these events without legal representation. Our law firm has guided families through significant life transitions and long-term planning concerns for over 35 years. We understand your legal options in family, probate and estate planning.

Offering Solutions

From the moment you contact the office of Naomi Hirayasu Attorney at Law, you will receive personalized attention. As a small law firm, we pride ourselves in really getting to know and understand our clients. We take the time to listen to your concerns because no two family law or probate dilemmas or estate plans are the same. The law offers many options. In the hands of a skilled and experienced attorney, you will receive a custom-made solution.

We also understand that many families desire a practical, efficient approach. We work hard to give you the service that fits your needs. Family law courts welcome most settlement proposals, provided they conform to certain equitable and legal standards. For that reason, we always explore the possibility of reaching agreements with the opposing party. Yet if some issues cannot be resolved without resorting to court, we understand how to litigate aggressively and persuasively.